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Takuya is a concept artist / matte painter based in Vancouver Canada, specializing in environment design for Sci-fi and Fantasy theme video games and films. He has been professionally working as a video director, 2D & 3D generalist and creative consultant for the last decade in Tokyo Japan and Melbourne Australia. From 2016, he started focusing on concept art works which he was always interested. His recent relevant works include the environment concept works for the “Migratory 2016” directed by Takashi Tadokoro and lecturing digital matte painting at Nihon Kogakuin College in Tokyo.

Work Experience

2018 Freelance Concept Artist at Cafe Rig Rina
Mar-May2018 Executive Producer, Chief Director (Contract) at iVIsion Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)
2016-2017 Creative Consultant, Chief Creator (Contract) at iVIsion Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)
Nov-Dec2016 Guest Matte Paint Lecturer at Nihon Kogakuin College (Tokyo)
Mar2013 Guest Animation Lecturer at Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne)
2009-2016 Freelance Videographer and 2D, 3D Generalist (Melbourne & Japan)
2004-2008 Chief Web Designer (Freelance) at Stargate-Systems Co. (Melbourne)


2013 Best 50th Year Anniversary Logo Award from a Japanese Primary School
2008 Victorian College of the Arts, Best Visual Effects Award for short film Soroboruo from Film Victoria (role: Art Director, VFX)
2008 Victorian College of the Arts, Best Cinematography Award (Nominee) from Kodak
2007 Victorian College of the Arts, Best Script Award from Animal Logic
2007 Victorian College of the Arts, Best Animation Award from Film Victoria
2005 TRANS International Festival Thanks letter from Melbourne Myer (John So)


2013 Doctor of Philosophy in Film & Television (Animation), Major in Animation Method, Cross-cultural Study, Japanese Anime, Time Philosophy, The University of Melbourne, Victorian College of the Arts (VCA)
2008 Master of Film & Television (Animation), VCA
2007 Graduate Diploma in Film & Television (Animation), VCA
2006 Bechalor of Art (Multimedia), Royal Melborune Institute of Technology University
2005 Advanced Diploma of Multimeida, Institute for Design, Entertainment and the Arts (I.D.E.A)
2004 Diploma of Multimeida, I.D.E.A